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Mistaken identity, kidnap, impending war and forced marriage to an ogre... What is a prince to do?

When Prince Nemir is forced to leave his cushy homeland to make nice with a neighboring kingdom, he knows the trip will be unpleasant. He's not much of the outdoorsy or adventurous type and Tasnia is known for its roughness, its chimera, swamps and worst of all, its oves...

Soluc is the leader of the militia of the oves, the ogre-elf hybrids of Tasnia. But controlling a group of half monsters who want nothing more than to draw blood and have fun is proving more complicated than he expected. Especially when there is an extra prince in the kingdom just to confuse him. Not to mention a jealous brother, willing to stop at nothing to take his place...

Guest Post: Writing tips

I first decided to become a writer when I was eleven years old. Like all children, I couldn’t wait for summer holidays, Christmas breaks, spring break, so that I wouldn’t have to “waste” my time with school and so that I could stay up late every night, writing.

In the end, it took me years to ever figure out how to stick to a book and actually finish it. And then there was the lesson that not everything you write is worth trying to get published. Eventually I learned that the writing itself was the practice for bigger things. Through failed attempts I was able to figure out my “voice” and the type of writer that I am and that I want to be.

Now I am glad that I spent so long figuring out all the nuts and bolts because a lot of confidence and happiness comes with it in regards to my books.

After having several short stories published with various publishers and a novella “Cold Blood Warm Heart” in 2014, I am proud to say that my first full length novel “The Oaf Prince” has finally been released as an ebook on amazon and it will be released in print in November!

It’s been a very exciting time, with a few good reviews received and the book reaching #1 in LGBT Fantasy for a while too!

Here are some small tips that I use myself when it comes to writing, that I hope can come in handy for other authors. I always love to share my tips and techniques on the writing process. Partially because I've spent so much time trying to find something that works for me. And hey, if that makes the process easier for other writers, then why not pass it along?

I'm sure every writer has heard the tip to "just keep writing" and believe it or not, it actually works. My advice goes beyond that though. Do not edit the book until you are done writing it, but also DON’T READ IT. Don't look back at all, not even at a sentence. It's a waste of time when you could be writing but it’s also great demotivation to read something you wrote that is in heavy need of editing. If you manage to finish the book first, then it seems more worthwhile to put such hard work into the editing process.

Another tip is to set writing increments into a timer and force yourself to keep typing until the time is up. There are some apps and programs that can help with that, such as Write Or Die which punishes the writer for stopping. It can be scary to use, but if you are brave it can really get your fingers moving.

Those are just two little tips that will speed up your writing.

The faster you get to the end the sooner you can start the hard work; the editing.

Good luck with your writing and thanks for reading!

~Sienna Sway

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