Book review: The Gilded Life Of Matilda Duplaine by Alex Brunkhorst


Published: October 2015
Publisher: Mira
Format: Paperback
Page count: 318
Source: ARC 

Family secrets. Forbidden love. And the true price of wealth.

Thomas is a small-town boy and when Lily invites him to a dinner party, he gains access to the exclusive upper echelons of Hollywood society. As he enters a world of private jets and sprawling mansions, his life and career take off beyond his wildest dreams.

Then he meets Matilda Duplaine.

Beautiful and mysterious, Matilda has spent her entire life within the walls of her powerful father’s Bel-Air estate and Thomas is immediately entranced by her. But what starts as an enchanted romance soon threatens to destroy their lives and the lives of everyone around them.


I have to admit that I almost gave up on this book. It's certainly a slow burner and it doesn't really start to move until about 100 pages in and it starts to get interesting at around 150 pages.

I did enjoy the almost voyeuristic nature of the book. It's a peek into a world most of us will never see. I really felt like I was discovering this strange new world with Thomas. The characters are intriguing but the most interesting ones didn't appear in the story enough in my opinion. I would have loved a little more scandal, just to make the book a little more exciting.

As for Matilda. I didn't find her quite as mysterious as I probably should have and I couldn't really relate to Thomas' obsession with her. Her naivety obviously appealed to him but it seemed more of an older brother and sister relationship.

As I said earlier it does get going a little around the middle but it never really takes off. In fact it slows down again and the plot line becomes a bit predictable.

The ending, again was not really surprising and fell flat for me. For me this would be one to borrow at the library. I can't see it it sticking around as a memorable book of 2015 unfortunately.


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