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Guest post:

Did you know that the average American spends over 3 hours texting every day? Cultural analyst Rune Vejby’s new book Texting in Sick reveals that texting has become the preferred medium for many people — even in complex conversations, such as reporting in sick for work, delivering bad news, and breaking up relationships.

But what happens to our relationships when we handle such conversations on text? How does texting change our attitudes and expectations towards the people we communicate with? And how are trust and empathy impacted when we use a medium with such a limited range of social cues?

Texting in Sick — the first comprehensive, research-centered book on smartphones and social media — uncovers the answers to these questions and explore the cultural, psychological, and technological trends behind the growing use of texting and smartphones.

Drawing on the latest research as well as unique interviews and surveys of over 4,000 young people, business owners, and college counselors, Vejby’s research finds that many young people find it natural to send a text in sticky situations where complicated emotions need to be negotiated, rather than attempting to handle the situation in person. For example, 39% of the 18- to 34-year-olds surveyed by the author have previously broken up a romantic relationship on text. 55% indicated that they would consider doing it in the future.

But dealing with people over the internet or in a text message often comes at a price. Most people are left with a feeling of “I should have done that differently” after handling potentially anxiety-inducing conversations on a mobile device. More than that, shielding ourselves from having to face other people in person when stakes are high affects our ability to form a strong character and successfully read social cues.

Filled with compelling research and plenty of tweetable statistics, Texting in Sick urges us to take a fresh look at our communication habits and reconsider the ways we engage with our mobile devices in a time where difficult situations can all too easily be handled at the click of a button.

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