Guest post and Giveaway: Heaven is real but so is hell by Vassula Ryden


The book is Vassula’s fascinating true story, spanning from the 1980s when her days as a diplomat’s wife often consisted of little more than entertaining and playing tennis, to the present day where she regularly talks to God, leads pilgrimages, is invited to speak to huge audiences all over the world from the Vatican City to the Congo and helps feed the poor through her international Beth Myriam project.

Aimed at atheists, agnostics and believers alike, and in no way restricted to the Christian faith, Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell is a book for those seeking truth and meaning in an increasingly complicated world and ultimately promotes a message of hope and oneness.

Guest Post

My Writing Life by Vassula Ryden

I never imagined and certainly never made a conscious decision to become a writer let alone for God: it just happened. And, in many ways, I am not a writer; I am just a messenger, a channel through which God can share his message with the world today. However I am now the ‘author’ of numerous books in which I have recorded my ongoing dialogue with God, though my latest book, Heaven is Real but So Is Hell out this month is very different as in this I share with you how my unusual writing life began and the journey that has resulted.

God started his dialogue with me without warning through my Guardian Angel Daniel, thirty years ago this month, back in 1985. In the beginning I was recording everything on loose sheets of paper but I soon started writing down my conversations in notebooks, which I purchased from normal supermarkets. My notebooks were and still are very simple, red exercise books; and I never write in pen, everything is written in pencil. Every single notebook has sixty-four pages and currently I am up to over 109 notebooks.

When I am writing the length of time I sit and write for can vary hugely. Sometimes it can last for as little as five, ten, or fifteen minutes, but when the dialogue is on an important matter, this will take more time. Once, there was a time when I was writing for nine hours, although this wasn’t all in one stretch of course, everyday life still causes its interruptions.

When I write, I am recording a conversation, and when God is speaking my writing changes into a different style, and this is something which I cannot control. I write everything down word for word, since I hear the words exactly as I have to write them. Sometimes, the Lord uses words I do not know and I later look them up in the dictionary to understand what it is I have just written. I listen to His words ‘inwardly’ and can describe the tone, the feeling and the inflection of His voice. At the same time as hearing His voice I feel a force that prompts me to write down what it is I am hearing. My hand is being moved and my handwriting turns into something else, not my own. I am not being moved physically; in such a way that you might associate with a bodily possession or with what is called automatic writing. I remain completely in control of myself, in contact with my autonomy, the external world and my surroundings. For example, I often stop writing to answer the phone or go to the door, and then, when I am able to return, I will continue the dictation where I left off.

I never asked to be chosen in this way, and it has certainly completely changed my life. But I have come to realise that as with these writings, now published in a book entitled True Life in God, I have no choice and have therefore fully dedicated my life to sharing my dialogue with the Divine in the hope and expectation of passing on His Word. This is my mission.


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