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Rheanon Donatesu taught at a prestigious girls school in London. She prided her self in being able to take a young woman under her wing to teach her about science and mostly how to be a leader of women. Clearly an independent woman. Rheanon had always been wild and impetuous. She could turn stone into dust and best anyone at whist, even play cards with the finest gentleman in England and win. What she couldn’t do is wait any longer for the man she loved to come back to her. She tried her hardest to find out where he was, writing letters and talking to his dear mother who was her aunt by marriage.

Rheanon tried even hard to keep her special abilities a secret. Their were only a few who knew about her sorcery Those were the Five Stars.

Her arch nemesis went missing one night during one of the card games. No one could find out who took Miss Lisbeth Ashley. That is until a Bow Street Runner comes knocking on Rheanon’s door asking too many questions. Then another pulls her right off of the street for questioning. This one vowed he would have her in his bed. He would have a hard time convincing her.

Why on earth would they suspect Rheanon? Only one person knows and that person is closer to Rheanon than anybody suspected.

The benefits of blogging

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and that of what you believe in and want to share. 

Author Migraine Central is my blog for reviewing, Interviewing, sharing articles for and about Authors, Writers, Artists, Poets and more. Most everyone on my blog has been receptive to interviewing with me and telling me about their writing journeys. 

I take pride great in my blog. Usually I am up every morning soliciting authors or articles for this blog. I have had over 12,000 readers in one day and it is growing all the time.

The name Author Migraine Central came about for me after suffering a severe Migraine with Aura. Aura’s are colors that present themselves surrounding everything you see. When you have a migraine with colors it is pretty bad. I often see the color green or blue. If you experience this go to the hospital, it is a sign of worse things to come and you need medical attention. I have epilepsy and strive to keep busy as not to dwell on my illness.

More on Blogging: I love to visit blogs and participate in their events, read their newsletters. The other day I saw on the news that blogging was a dying form of communication. Personally I do not believe it. There are millions of blogs out there with varying interests. Blogs help you connect with others who like the same things you do.

What should you have on your blog? A blog needs to have interesting items, articles and pictures for the reader, making sure to hold their attention. Giveaways and events ensure that you will always have a reader or two paying attention if only for a week or month. Also, people want to see you traffic stats. If there are not a lot of people visiting your blog, they will not want to hang around either. Blog often, keeping up with your blog lets people know that you are engaged, they will be also.

Keep a list of people who join your blog, so others may see that a friend has joined, it will ensure conversation about your blog site. Lastly, make it a happy place to visit, a joke or funny saying even a funny meme will always make people smile when they visit. Enjoy your blog an invite everyone you can!

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