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When a man wants to boost their confidence and get better results with women, we look for help from self proclaimed “pick-up artists”. With their gimmicks and code names, they make it seem like you can’t lose. The problem is that you are not a pick-up artist, and a gentleman would not need to seek validation from naive women
I’m Sorry, You are Not a Pick-up Artist presents you with choices that highlight an important point in meeting a new partner, and you will have to test your current beliefs to see how the outcome influences your success.
The Ethan Gregory Approach is a combination of confidence, preparation, and accountability. You will learn why the rules and standards that men typically use can set you up for failure. Embrace the EGA and see your life open up to new partners and new possibilities.
If you liked Choose your Own Adventure books then you will love this book! The make your choice aspect of the book adds an element of fun to the instruction that other dating books don’t have. If you read The Game and other pick-up strategy books, you will want to de-program yourself from selfish interactions with women.
Let’s learn how to communicate like a grown-up artist, not pick-up artist, and start finding genuine partners. There are many quality women waiting for you to see them as their potential partner, let Dr. G help you succeed with the women in your life. 

Guest post:

In college I was studying sexuality and learning about relationships. I read an erotica book Behind Closed Doors, by Alina Reyes. She used a choose your own adventure style and had an inverted book, where reading from one end was a make protagonist, and the other was a female protagonist. That idea stuck with me and I was really motivated to write a dating manual that would be combined in a similar way.

 I began writing my book in 2006. I finished about one third of the text, then life got in the way. I didn’t pick the book back up until 2014. As I finished the book, I had to go back and change all of my pop culture references. I realized that my writing at the time was very sarcastic and at times, sexist. I reworded some of the language to make it have a broader appeal. Writing for two different audiences was a challenge. I was able to write the men’s version without an issue, after all I am a guy’s guy and I know what will appeal to male readers. Writing some of the fiction parts for the women’s version was much harder. I felt stuck at times considering how a woman might view a situation, and I wanted to make the situations I present in the book as accessible to all women that would read it.

 I think that by the end I was able to balance enough fiction to satisfy the readers, with enough tough love advice to keep the book educational. I finished the sections and began the process of self-publishing in summer 2015. I learned as much about the process of submitting ones own work to be published and the costs involved. I knew it was hard to write a book, but depending on others for cover designs, formatting, and learning about the challenges with marketing was rough. My goal of having an inverted text book was shot down by Createspace, so I had to publish the books separately. 

The men’s version is in stores now through Amazon, and I am waiting for the cover to be finished for the women’s version. It is nice to see my work online and in the store, but I still have a fear that no one will see it. I am already working on my next books, and I hope to build a following over time. While the dream of finishing and publishing my first book took about 10 years, I was never thinking about giving up. I hope I can help men and women have realistic expectations for their relationships, and I want people to treat one another better during courtship. 

The men’s version is more of a manual, but the women’s version is more comprehensive and supportive. I would want women to hold out for the women’s version, the man to man style I wrote the pickup artist title with might be too abrasive for some. I think we all know some man that is set on feeling like a stud or trying to seem like a pickup artist. I’m Sorry, You are Not a Pick-Up Artist is made for these misguided men.     

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