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The fall season is just over the horizon and that means summer is coming to an end and hearts will be broken as men everywhere make selections for snuggling up through the winter months. But! You don't have to be left out in the cold, desperate and lonely, wishing for relief for your agonizing broken heart. 

Pocket Pep Talk: Get Over that Breakup, Today! is a new title expressly created to offer quick, sound, comfort, peppered with a lot of tough love, for those suffering from a broken heart. We've all been there and, sometimes, your grief lasts well past the patience of your loved ones, leaving you feeling even more alone as you try to pick up the pieces on your own. No more!

This short read is packed with great quotes, tips and insight for moving past the pain of a breakup and forward into a bright new future. Pick up a copy for your tablet, smartphone or other device and whip it out when you're feeling low. And, remember, the pain won't last forever and you deserve so much more. I don’t care how good he looks, how good he smells, how great he is in bed or how much money he has. Nobody deserves to be treated like trash and it’s not always so easy to move on without a little assistance. So, don’t feel as if you’re some miserable failure because you can’t seem to “snap out of it”! The heart is such an interesting presence in our bodies. It keeps us alive, yet it “hurts” so much when we’ve suffered emotionally.

In fact, entire studies have been done about the effects of heartbreak on the body. It really does physically affect us! Check out this BBC article: Can You Die of a Broken Heart? Scary stuff! So, don’t take this lightly. You really do have to make a concerted effort to heal and move on or you can suffer long-term issues. Is the Pocket Pep Talk: Get Over that Breakup, Today! a cure-all? Of course not. But, I assure you, it will make things much easier. Right now, it’s only .99 cents, so pick up a copy and begin to take back your being, your energy, your essence. No man deserves the right to break your heart and steal the best parts of you in the process!

Find the Pocket Pep Talk: Get Over that Breakup, Today! at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Google Play and Smashwords.

How long has it been? Two days? Two weeks? Two months? Years? A bad breakup can leave a taste so nasty in our mouths, we can find it tough to even get out of bed each day. But, is that any way to live? If you’re reading this, either you know that it isn’t or you’re hoping to help a close friend or family member see things that way, too. There aren’t many among us who hasn’t experienced the suffocating cloak of a bad breakup at the hands of a jerk, but all misery has to have an expiration date or the fresh fruits of tomorrow will begin to wither and die. That’s where the Pocket Pep Talk comes in! 

In this text you’ll find words of wisdom, inspiration and insight, encouraging quotes and, best of all, tough love -- all geared towards helping you break the vicious cycle of wallowing in post-relationship misery, hindering the possibility for finding true, lasting happiness. The information is direct and concise, readily available to give you a good boost to get through your day when those foggy old memories of a deadbeat threaten to derail your happiness!


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If you're heading to New York City anytime soon, especially for the upcoming holiday season, and you want a chance to ease the burden on your wallet, here’s your chance!

I’m giving away $50 in New York City MTA MetroCards to three lucky winners! 

Here’s how it works:

· Buy Pocket Pep Talk: Get Over that Breakup, Today! at either, or in the Google Play Store. 

· Read the book (s) and post a review (s) on the site where it was purchased.

· Email proof of purchase and your review posting (screenshots will be fine) to by Friday, October 30, 2015.

· Each purchase and the required review guarantees your entry into a drawing for one of the THREE $50 NYC Metrocards! 

· Winners will be announced Monday, 11/2/2015 and prizes will be mailed via Priority Mail, Tuesday, 11/3/2015!

Easy enough, right?! And, there will be a few bonus dollars on each card (courtesy of the MTA), so you're actually getting the cost book back, plus a little extra!

New York City is filled with options to be entertained (theater, monuments, concerts, sporting events, comedy shows and more), and if you’re a foodie, no place else in the country comes close to offering as many ways to tickle your taste buds. Feast on the Big Apple’s top-rated fine dining options or the delicious, too numerous to count street eats available from hundreds of vendors in each of the city’s five boroughs.

So, what are you waiting for?! And, if you’re an avid reader, I’m actually paying you to be entertained and enlightened! :) I can’t wait to hear what you think and good luck!

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