Spotlight: The great Eugene: the story of a horse racing champion by Cary Lucier


The Great Eugene Racing Horse Book

Do you have dreams?

Do you believe that they can come true?

I know a horse with a funny name that believes they can!

Cary Lucier has crafted a wonderful rhyming children's picture book for children ages 2-6. "The Great Eugene" is a story about a horse that triumphs over adversity. This story is sure to win your heart along with the love and admiration of other young readers. 

The story begins when Eugene is born to a doting mother who wants the best for her baby boy. Soon after his birth he is told that he will become a racehorse. His mother tells him that when he is grown he will be able to run very fast and race against other horses. Eugene imagines himself winning big races and the fame and adoration associated with it until unexpectedly he is injured.

A doctor is called in to care for the injured horse and Eugene's broken leg is put into a cast to heal. The doctor then tells him that the injury is so bad that he'll never be able to race as his mother had suggested. He is told that the injury will limit him and prevent him from achieving his dreams of winning races and that if he is lucky he might one day become a plow horse.

Determined to achieve his goals and prove the doctor wrong, Eugene works and trains hard every day to strengthen his leg. Over the next couple years Eugene becomes a strong beautiful white horse who grows in confidence and strength. Each day of training gives him more confidence that he will eventually overcome his injury and race as his mother described.

Watch Eugene as he works around the farm until that fateful day when he decides to visit his doctor and prove him wrong.

Follow Eugene as he discovers the nearby racetrack where other horses race and compete for glory.

Discover the champion living inside each and every one of us!

This funny imaginative story is sure to capture your heart and inspire children of all ages. Get "The Great Eugene" today. You'll be glad that you did.

What readers are saying:

"A wonderful book with fantastic illustrations"

"A great story about never giving up"

"This book will make you want to stand up and cheer"

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