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I am delighted to have been invited by my good friend Amanda of Go Book Yourself to write a bit about my personal blog Makeup and Beauty by Amy for you today.

Makeup and Beauty by Amy was an endeavor I started back in 2012. Originally it all started with many suggestions from friends and family alike to start a Youtube channel, where I could share with them my love for all things beauty and makeup related.

I come from a creative background, although I will admit I did not enjoy wearing makeup until my early twenties. As a child I loved dressing up (as many children do) and I suppose my first experience with makeup was when I would use my Mam's three tier makeup compact to create ghastly looks on myself and my younger siblings. As well as makeup I enjoyed knitting, sewing, embroidery, drawing and painting. My love for creativity, arts and crafts eventually led me to begin studying Animation in 2005. While Animation proved to not be quite my calling, my creative spark never died and I soon discovered that I enjoyed working with makeup as an art form.
I am completely self taught, everything I achieved over the years has either been done as a result of many trial and error experiments or watching some amazingly talented makeup artists on Youtube. Today I have over 150 video tutorials on my channel ranging from simple makeup techniques to intricate and slightly more complex special effects.

In December 2013 I had an accident which led to the unexpected diagnosis of a rare joint disease. I require surgery to repair the joint, and until such a time as surgery was scheduled I was forced to rest and refrain from putting too much weight on my foot. As you can imagine, I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time on my hands.

Now restricted to my home, and with very little mobility, I decided it was in my best interest to use my time as productively as I could. While I thoroughly enjoy creating original content for my makeup channel, I also decided I would take the time to work at my blog. Originally created as a companion to my channel, I initially used it to simply share and document the videos I put up. Now that I was immobilised and with so much free time, I began to think about how I could make my blog much more personal and interactive for my reader. I felt there was so much more I wanted to share than just makeup and beauty tips.

In 2014, I began posting regularly on my blog and was thrilled to go on and learn that I had been nominated in the Blog Awards Ireland beauty category for the same year. I was completely shocked, because I felt my blog was so generic and lacking any of my personality. I had always spent so much of my time focusing on my channel that I often forgot about my blog. Nevertheless the nomination gave me the confidence boost I needed to want to work hard and create a fun and interesting place for people to explore. I made it to the Shortlist in the Beauty Category that year, farther than I ever imagined my little "generic" blog could get and this was a massive turning point for me.

By February of 2015, I was feeling much more confident and sure of what I wanted my blog to be about. I decided to start making changes and tweaking content to make it a little more personal. I still wanted to keep the beauty aspect while also sharing other creative projects I was working on. My blog still focuses on all of the aspects of beauty I also cover over on my channel such as makeup tutorials, special fx makeup, reviews, tags etc. However, from time to time, it will also contain exclusive beauty content that is not on my channel as well as DIY and craft projects, recipes, lifestyle and occasionally some fashion posts.

My most recent craft obsession has turned to knitting. I started knitting when I was in primary school but I was quick to leave it behind since it was more of necessity in school then a project. Now, I love sitting in front of the tv and working away on patterns. It has definitely become one of my favourite ways to unwind. What actually prompted me to start knitting again was the amazing wool costumes in the show Outlander. I loved the idea of having scarves and gloves like the main character Claire, but I could not find anyone willing to try and knit them for me. So I took to the internet myself, picked up some beautiful patterns and started knitting, teaching myself how to create the intricate celtic twists from her gloves.

A huge thanks to Amy for writing this wonderful post. She has generously offered to give away a pair of her amazing arm warmers. You can enter to win a pair below.


The competition is for one pair of Outlander inspired arm warmer.
The giveaway is open worldwide.
Anyone found cheating will be disqualified.

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