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Riley Conner wasn’t worried about going through the woods. She had done it all school year and had forgotten about her earlier thoughts of being stalked. In her mind, she was safe, away from danger. But as soon as she heard a crunch of leaves and the familiar sense of another presence, all the stalker theories came tumbling back. She remembered trying to run, but being grabbed from behind. She had tried to break away, escape, but the second a warm cloth was pressed to her face, she knew it was over. In the struggle, the trees had swallowed her diary. She wondered now if anyone would ever find it, read it, realize how ignorant she was, and then decide she deserved to be kidnapped. Greg: Riley's missing. To me, she was a stranger. A girl whose name I didn't even recognize. But when I saw her picture and realized our pasts had once entwined, I knew I would have to find her.

What inspired you to write Diary of her Disappearance? 

I was in the eighth grade in my creative writing class and we were assigned to write a short story. I began Diary of Her Disappearance thinking that it would be much shorter, but when it surpassed so many pages, I saw a bigger project. 

 What advice would you give to others who want to write? 

My advice would be to read and write as much as possible. Reading gives you experiences and knowledge that you might not get otherwise. Write down your dreams, your story ideas, anything you can think of. Practicing will make you a 
better writer. 

 What are you reading at the minute? 

I am currently reading Undivided by Neal Shusterman.

What do you plan to write next? 

Right now I am working on getting my second novel published. It’s called If Not the End and I expect it to come out by the fall of 2015. I am an Indie author, so it’s published through a self-publishing company. I have another book in the works called Elimination, and I just finished the first draft. 

On writing Diary of Her Disappearance:

Diary of Her Disappearance is a young adult mystery novel complete at 40,000 words.

 I can be found writing into the wee hours of the night. I write my best between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., when everyone's asleep and the only sounds are of the train whistling by, the tick of the clock, and the tap-tap-tap of my fingers on the keyboard. But even those are drowned out as I plunge head-first in the world I'm creating. Inspiration hits me at the most random times, and as soon as it does, I have to start writing. 

About the author:

About the Author: Lexi Birks is a tenth grader at Central Community High School in DeWitt, Iowa. Her novel started off as a short story assignment that turned out to be, in her words, "Not so short." After Lexi tied for first place in a scary story contest in seventh grade, she realized her love and passion for writing. She was one of fifteen creative writers chosen for the Belin -Blank summer program at the University of Iowa in Iowa City and continues to write in nearly every moment of her free time. She has has two books in the works, and one book estimated to be published in the fall of 2015. Diary of Her Disappearance is her first published novel.


The prize is one hard copy of Diary of Her Disappearance 
The giveaway is open worldwide

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