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Man the F*ck Up is a bedtime story for dating adults in today’s world, where chivalry in relationships is dead and there, sadly, is no fairy tale ending. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship needs to read this hilarious, honest and profane take on the state of modern day relationships. Author S. Kincaid’s bedtime spin on dating in the 21st century will have you laughing yourself to sleep. With Illustrations by Three Studio Team a perfect match to the humor, Man the Fuck Up it is definitely a conversation starter that should be read by all men and women in relationships everywhere!

Why did you write the book?

I figure I am not alone in having kissed way too many frogs, maybe even a toad or two. It was time for me, and men and women alike, to have a good laugh at the modern day fairy tale that is the dating world.

Now that I’ve spoken, it’s your turn: tell me your worst dating story! The gauntlet has been thrown. GO:

What readers are saying:

" A funny and witty story that you'll want to read over and over"


Man the F*ck up will be available to download for free on the 20 and 21st of August 2015

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