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What if Humanity was threatened with extinction if they stayed on Earth?In one universe, disaster has struck the Earth.

An Earth that may be ours has a storm of calamities. Financial collapse, encroaching ice age, multiple volcanic eruptions. To top it all off, someone nukes a few cities, and the Pandemics that we have long dreaded wipes out major cities.

In the midst of disaster and martial law, one group looks to preserve the future !

The world infrastructure has collapsed, and a beleaguered group of scientists seek a safe place from which to save the human species. Earth is no longer a safe basket to keep all of humanity in. We must reach the stars.

Build great generational Colony Ships. Create a more than human crew to man the ships.

In Ark City, they create cryopods to ship the millions of people left to new colonies around other stars. To crew the ships that will take them there, they create the Vanguard. Immortal, almost indestructible with intelligence beyond measuring, they are the perfect crew, if they can last the centuries of the voyage without losing their human essence in the process.

Chapter one teaser:

I am Vanguard 46. When I was human, I was called Eric Hamilton. That was long ago, and in another life. I am human no longer. I remember his life in shards of memory far sharper than any remembrance of his. I remember his relationships; I remember his losses and his pleasures. His lifetime plays in grassy fields within my mind, but I am not he. 

We are poised on the threshold of the greatest accomplishment of Man, and the best possibility of his survival. I have decided to record the events and actions that are happening around me, so that an unbiased record will survive to fill a future need. Although in most cases, I will be inscribing the recount of activities a matter of hours after the event, this will not always be the case, and so I will refer to any recent activities in the present tense, to avoid confusion. 

Of my brothers, there are only seven who were converted before me. Thirty-eight failed in the conversion process, and are no more. There are only fifty-one of us who are of the Elder Vanguard. Fifty-one survived of a total of 114 trials. After that, the humans changed the rules. 

In 2069, the production of Vanguard was switched by the humans to Laboratory in vitro birthing. It was decided by the Powers that Be that the residue of our old human lives were a potential liability, and it was decided to bypass this problem. By means of artificial wombs, they created another 218 Vanguards, with no mortality. In 2071, the last of the New-Born were decanted. There were a total of 218 of the New-Born created. 

In the intervening years, three of our brothers have fallen. Two of the New-Born have died, one on a sortie into Africa, where he was ambushed by a division of soldiers carrying anti-aircraft guns with explosive rounds. The other was lost when his cargo shuttle was impacted by a stranger asteroid, and the explosive decompression ejected him into space. His systems induced a hibernation state in him, and so he was unable to do anything when his body began reentry into Earth's atmosphere. The third loss was one of the Elders, Vanguard #87, whom was destroyed when he went into a burning building looking for survivors in distress, and the building collapsed on him. 

The Vanguard Fleet awaits us in orbit. Next month, 250 of us will board the five massive Ram-scoop Core Ships assembled in Earth Orbit. The Nanobots are putting the finishing touches on the ships now, and fifty of us will board each ship as crew, shepherding the sleeping millions to their new homes in the stars. Our sixteen remaining brothers will stay on Earth or in the station against the day of need. 

What readers are saying:

"Post apocalyptic science fiction at its best"

"Riveting and thought provoking"

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About the author:

JD Lovil is the writer of a series of cross genre science fiction novels dealing with the existence of a multitude of parallel earths as required by the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Theory. He enjoys writing books which are essentially ‘stand alone’ books, but with similar rules and circumstances, and with some crossover of characters.

JD also writes nonfiction books occasionally on subjects, which he believes to be given less attention than called for, or for which he perceives a significant need.

Originally from Arkansas, JD Lovil now lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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