The Stuffy Nose and Back Pain Connection by @VanessaAnnPhD



For years, psychologist and author Vanessa Ann Vigilante, PhD, suffered from both a chronically stuffy nose and lower back pain.

Finally, after enduring unnecessary misery, Vigilante decided to do something about her chronic allergic rhinitis—and cleared up her lower back pain in the process!

Now, Vigilante shares what she discovered with the hope of helping the millions of other Americans who unwittingly compromise their own musculoskeletal health and comfort because of untreated or under treated seasonal allergies.

In her pamphlet, Vigilante walks readers through the ways that improper breathing affects our bodies—all the way down to a cellular level. Instead of promoting a particular medication or treatment, she informs and equips readers to start a conversation with their physicians about the ways that untreated allergic rhinitis might be adversely affecting them.

Using clear, accessible language, Vigilante explains essential physiological principles, backing up her claims with scientific evidence. The result is a pamphlet that provides an eye-opening look at how finely tuned our bodies are—and how even something as seemingly insignificant as a stuffy nose can throw the homeostasis of the body’s systems into jeopardy.

On Writing:

After suffering for years with allergic rhinitis and back pain, I began to connect the pieces leading to the discovery that faulty breathing mechanics were a leading culprit in the perseverance of my back pain. I translated my experience to paper resulting in The Stuffy Nose and Back Pain Connection pamphlet. I believe the pamphlet is informative, puts a new twist on a familiar topic, and will be of help to people suffering with allergic rhinitis and back pain.

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