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Twenty-eight year old investment banker, Heather Rangel, has the perfect life. Great job and sexy, tennis star fiance from Texas, Brody Wainwright, who services her thoroughly in the bedroom. They're engaged to be married and Brody's status in the tennis world is set to skyrocket. He's about to go away for two months to compete in the annual tennis tournament circuit, leaving both he and Heather emotionally torn. She wants him to be successful, but she hates for him to go. He wants to finally make it onto the professional tour, but he hates leaving her behind. The emotional turmoil is hefty.

Aside from that, all is well until in their world one of Heather's wealthy, Russian clients, a man with known terrorist ties, decides he wants her too and he'll stop at nothing to have her. He inserts himself into her world in ways that will make your heart stop. This, as she tries to keep the invasion a secret from Brody so that he doesn't change his mind about going on the tour, thus ending his chances for making it onto the professional circuit.

When she uncovers a chilling plot involving the lust-filled client, her whole world begins to unravel. She begins a race against the clock to derail the evil plan and begin life anew after tragedy strikes.

Love, lust, lies, intimidation and heartache abound as Heather faces the toughest decisions of her life

About the Author:

I’m originally from South Carolina, but I’ve lived in six states, including Missouri, Maryland, Pennsylvania, California and now New York where I live in Brooklyn. I work, professionally, as a marketing and public relations professional, which I’ve done for many years, but I’d really love to make writing fiction my full-time career. So, I’m totally immersed in that effort, now.

I’m a graduate of the University of South Carolina, which I’m very proud of, and I’m still hoping to finally finish my Master’s degree at Quinnipiac University. I love, love, love to travel! If I could spend the rest of my life traveling and writing novels, the first half will not have been spent in vain. I’m loathe to admit it, but I guess I’m a “foodie”. I love trying new dishes and new restaurants. Especially when I travel. I have a deep love for knowledge, just in general, so I read scores of articles and other writings and soak up documentary after documentary about the history of the world, how various industries were started, trends ignited. I am rarely “bored” because there’s just too much to be curious about in the world!

I’ve lived in New York City for not quite two years and it’s a very…interesting…city, to say the least. The aggression that many of the people here exhibit is something that I haven’t found anywhere else in the country and it’s very intriguing to me. How and why it’s so prevalent in such a large population. So, I tried to use the NYC aggression to power my antagonists. Their wealth only magnifies the aggression, which I hope readers will be able to feel.

When I started the novel, I knew how I wanted it to end, but that this guy would pursue her this way was not something that I originally set out to write. It just sort of happened! I didn’t do an outline for the book and it was so enjoyable to let the story unfold each evening. When Vitya Ivanov started his quest to have Heather, it just made the whole story come together.

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