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Thanks to Midas pr for the review copy

Ok I can officially call myself an Amanda Prowse fan now!

I loved this book so much . It was just so perfect. Like a warm fire on a cold day. A real addictive page turner. I thought after A mother's Story It couldn't get any better but I was wrong! 

The story centers around jacks close nit family in the past and the present. Jacks is a multitasker. A real super woman. She runs the house while juggling a husband, two kids her mother who is suffering from Alzheimers. This really wasn't how Jacks imagined her life would be. When she was younger she imagined money and adventure but what she got was a life of putting everyone else before herself.

She begins to live vicariously through her daughter Martha which we just know is going to be a recipe for disaster. She imagines Martha with a high flying career while living in the lap of luxury. As usual though daughters have their own plans and they don't always align with what their mothers have in mind.

All the while Jacks is trying to deal with a blast from the past that threatens to turn her life as she knows it upside down. She has to make a decision. Do you follow your heart? How do you know what your heart really wants?

The story is really well paced. I flew through chapter after chapter every time I opened the book and I never wanted to put it down.

The characters are wonderfully "real" and I felt emotionally connected to all of them. I'm going to have a major book hangover after this!

Highly recommended!



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