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A love like this maria duffy review

Thank you to Hachette Ireland for providing the review copy in exchange for an honest review

From the moment they were born William and Donna were destined to polar opposites. Well their families were anyway!

William's parents are wealthy, well to do and ultimately over bearing! For them it’s simply unacceptable for William to play soccer when it's being a tennis pro that will earn the respect of their high society friends. You can tell that William felt utterly suffocated by his parents. 

Donna's mother on the other hand spends the majority of her time intoxicated. In a huge contrast to William's parents she doesn't even know where Donna is half of the time. Nor does she care. If it wasn't for her big sister Tina Donna's path in life would have been much much darker.

Very early on in A love like this ( I mean very early so this is not a spoiler!) tragedy strikes both parties. Both events rattle them to the core and forces both Donna and William to re evaluate everything they think they want out of life. So the journey of A Love Like this Begins.

What really surprised me was how "into" this book I had gotten. By the end of part one I was almost screeching at the pages, I mean I was into it! ha!

I completely fell in love with all of the characters in A Love Like This. They were so endearing and the book was so well written that it was hard to believe that they weren't real.

A Love Like this was an en captivating read. It grabbed me and refused to let me go until the very last page. It totally took over my life. The whole world could have fallen down around me and I probably wouldn't have noticed!

I even loved the acknowledgments at the end. It was so heartfelt and I could tell this book mean't a lot to Maria. Her very heart and soul are captured in the pages.

If you only read one book this summer make sure it's A Love Like This


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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