Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


the girl on the train review
Source: Received from Publisher
Published : January 2015
Publisher: Riverhead Books 

I read this in January but I'm only getting around to posting the review now! I'd read this before it exploded but as usual I'm posting my review after all the hype has died down!

I know others have made comparisons to gone girl but I'm sick of those comparisons so I wont do that ;)

Rachel is an alcoholic. She has lost her job because of her drinking but she still takes the same train every morning and evening because she doesn't want anyone to know.

Every day the train stops at the same spot beside a row of houses. From there she observes the same couple everyday. Jess and Jason. She imagines scenarios between the two. They are the perfect couple, Jess and Jason.

Except Jason and Jess are not their real names and their lives are far from perfect. One day she witnesses "Jason" with a woman who is not "Jess". Her perfect vision is shattered. A vision which she relied upon after the breakdown of her own marriage.

Shorty after this incident she finds out that Jess ( whose real name is Megan) is now missing. She becomes obsessed with the investigation as she feels connected to the two.

The story moves between several different characters but its held together well and it certainly kept me guessing. Almost all of the characters are suspects and I honestly wasn't able to  hazard a guess at who actually committed the crime.

Overall its a well thought out and very believable story. The writing is convincing and gripping enough to make you keep turning the pages. I have a feeling we will see this on the big screen in a few years.


See this is what happens when you wait weeks to post reviews! Apparently it is being made into a movie and I'm hearing that Emily Blunt is being considered for the Role of Rachel. Interesting stuff! 


★★★★ ☆

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