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How does man in a new country feel? What if non living things could walk, where would they go? What if inanimate things can wish? What would they wish for?

Two of children's favorite things to do is reading and telling stories. They have really short attention span so making them listen is really challenging especially if you want them to understand something really important. But what can be more fun learning about values than engaging them in a witty, adventurous and exciting tale?

Pharmdee: The Pill Factory Volume 1 brings you that! This children's book written by PhD Anchor, is an adventure series that will surely get you hooked in suspense with every chapter in each of its 26 volumes.

The story follows Nick, a man from early19th century England moved to the United States of America. He owns Barden Pill Factory that manufactures pills including Almo, a little and very much alive pill.

Almo, being able to escape, roams around the factory and meets several inanimate friends. As he wanders, he gets exposed to the thrilling yet shocking lives of pills. Now, Almo wants to grow bigger and stronger.

One day, as Nick was moving a cargo away on Mississippi river, he encounters Naval Air Station agents whom he promised to give 999 pills but there is a HUGE problem! One pill is missing -- and it's Almo!

Now, with one pill lost, what will happen to Nick? Will he be able to go back to the factory? What will become of Almo? Will he get his wish of growing bigger?

For sure, this book won't just introduce kids to fun characters and make them laugh, but it will also teach them values in a real creative and exciting way! The best thing is: Pharmdee: The Pill Factory Volume 1 is already available!

On writing Pharmdee:

While I was working at the pharmacy, I was loading the pills into the dispenser. 

They fell to the floor and the way they moved it was almost like they were alive. This was what put the idea in my head. Then towards the ending of my internship of the pharmacists got angry 

and my internship ended. From that point on I knew I had to do something so here its !!! 

Pharmdee the pill factory!!! And many more volumes to come !!

About the author:

My name is John Aviles father of 3. In college, I was involved in few outside activities. I did pledge a sorority and even served as its president, but only after several of my cousins convinced me I’d be great at it. I graduated 2 Years A.A.S In Graphic Designs,& got a Pharmacy Tech Degree From Ashworth College In Georgia. I finally went Produce My First Book. There I continued the trend of just meeting my potential, only taking on new challenges when someone brought it to my attention that I’d be perfect for the opportunity invested in me, and I excelled at most of my many and varied hobbies.

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