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Picture this: You've spent forever hunting down that perfect dress or outfit. You've spent hours searching through store after store to find exactly what you want. It's perfect. Except for one thing. You cant find the perfect piece of Jewelry to go with it. Nothing feels just right. Nothing feels like it was made for this outfit. Disaster. 

This has happened to me more times than I care to remember. It's so frustrating. For me the perfect answer is Mink and Stone. Now I can create my own Jewelry!
mink and stone jewelry review

When I first started the process of designing my piece I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to make. All I had in my head was "colorful" and "summery" .  Inspiration abounds on the Mink and Stone site. I had endless options to choose from . 

The process itself is super easy.

mink and stone jewelry review
First you choose the style you want. Then comes the fun part. Choosing the beads. The only limit is your imagination. There are thousands of beads and hundreds of pattern combinations to choose from. To make it even easier you can search by bead type, size and bead material. 
All that's left after that is to name your creation, add it to your cart and check out!

Afterwards I was even able to see my Necklace in real life before it was shipped because they tweeted me a picture!

The Necklace arrived really quickly and I was really impressed with the presentation. It had was wrapped in bright yellow paper inside it's own lush velvet pouch.  The beads themselves are excellent quality and will last forever. 

I'm so happy with my piece its so colorful. It will go with almost everything and will be perfect for summer.

I've been bitten by the design bug and now I'm going to have to design several more for each season!

Click HERE to visit Mink and Stone and start designing your own Jewelry.

I received a coupon code towards the cost of the necklace in return for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion

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