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It’s the typical problem of can’t-stay-broken-up-with-your-boyfriend-when-his-parents-go-missing. Okay, so it might not be typical but O’Ryan’s lovelife is knocked to the bottom of the priority list when a madman shows up wielding a knife. O’Ryan has to meet his demands, or everyone she cares about will be toast. The easy answer is to call the police, but when her boyfriend’s parents turn up dead, she realizes the man wasn’t kidding when he said not to involve law enforcement. She has to beat him at his own game because giving into his demands will make O’Ryan a criminal too.

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What inspires you to write?

I’m selfish…I’ll explain in a minute.

Otherwise, different things inspire me to write different books. Sometimes characters come to me before the story – they pop right into my head. He or she already has a story, I can tell by their expressions, the look in their eyes. I have to figure out their story. Other times, the inspiration comes from my own wondering mind. I’ll think of What If scenarios that authors are so fond of exploring. What if two girls who hate each other, have committed viscous acts against each other for all of their high school years, and they’re currently arguing in a parking lot about the most recent embarrassing prank when a van rides by and kidnaps them both? What happens now? Those are situational things that inspire me – individual stories. Overall, my inspiration to write comes from a desire to satisfy my curiosity for all kinds of people. When you go down the road, you see a girl locking her front door, a skateboard tucked under her arm. You see a guy laughing and running away from a group of guys on the sidewalk. You see a kid staring up at a water tower. Don’t you want to know about their lives? Not about what they’d tell you, but what you’d see if you were actually them. To ever know and understand a person’s life, you have to live it. That’s what I get to do every time I write a new novel. I live another person’s life. I’m selfish enough to think that one life isn’t enough for me. I must live as many as possible.

Where did you get the idea for Tricolor? 

This one came to me as a character first then a What If. O’Ryan popped into my head with thick hair, shoulder length and sandy blonde, and she is tough as an asphalt highway. She looks very angry too. I had to find out why she was so angry, and I did. But that wasn’t all of the story. This is where the What If came. What if this tough motorcycle-driving girl was forced to back down? From her boyfriend? Back away from the huge goal she’s had all her life? Give in to some scary killers’ demands? Would she choose to flee, protecting the only one she’s ever been able to count on – herself, or would she be rebellious after they “told” her what she had to do and make a hot-headed, deadly mistake? And there’s always an option 3…and 4, etc.

What are you working on at the minute? 

Currently, I’m working on a project called Trouble (I’m beginning to see a pattern with me and T’s. I also have an unreleased book called Tidal). This one is a Young Adult romance…I’m trying to write a romance where the couple is kept separated for the entire novel. So it’s not a cheesy single genre but a multilayered…drama? I’m also ironing out the plot of a sequel for my first novel Moment(s).

What are you reading at the moment? 

I just finished reading an e-copy (meaning you guys will have to wait until Aug 1 to read it) for We Were Human by Kate L. Mary. I loved it!

What advice would you give to others who want to write?

Don’t be afraid. That’s broad, but it’s the best advice I have. Don’t be afraid to let your characters guide you, not other real life people who might be barking in your ear. Sure people will tell you that something in your story may prevent your book from selling: “Everyone hates a weak female right now. Write a tough one.” No. Your characters – your story. Stories imitate real life and in real life there are weak females, strong ones, big ones, small ones; there are gay men, black men, stressed men, relaxed men, skinny men, men who paint with their feet…the list goes on of possible of real people. Don’t be afraid of them.

A huge thank you to Lisa for taking the time to answer these questions. Great advice.

About the author:

Lisa Terry lives in the south, riding the state lines of Florida and Alabama. She has enough animals to call it a small farm, so she’s either insane or caring. Or insanely caring. She’s a print news reporter, an editor, and an aspiring Hogwarts student. On any given day, you can find Lisa playing video games, sitting on the beach, or organizing pet pageants. She gave up on fitting in a long time ago and now is fine with being called a walking contradiction. Lisa writes Young Adult and New Adult: contemporary, romance, thriller, mystery, horror and paranormal.

A huge thank you to Lisa for taking the time to answer these questions.

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