Grenademan Vs The Zombies by T. C Ricks



Order and Chaos have fought their little chess matches on world after world, often coming to draw. so when Order found a new, and powerful champion in a n insane superhero, Chaos had to step up his game. And he found it in an ambitious would be sorcerer called Jarvi who had bet his gaming group t hat they could not survive the Zombie Apocalypse and really MEANT it. now Jarvi would start an apocalypse just to prove them wrong.

And somehow, Grenademan had to stop it. While the Circle of Gamers regard him a insane, the government trying to kill him and his own sanity quite questionable, Grenademan has to keep four people alive while seven different kinds of zombies are trying to kill them.

How to get unstuck:

Writer's block happens to all of us. I think for me, the best trick to avoid getting stuck is to avoid getting stuck in the first place. Three tricks I use for this:

1) Write just a single sentence a day before I start the regular pace...that way the first words are already done.
2) Outline what I'm working on for that section, so I come to the table with a good idea of what I want to jot out in mind
3) Break the work up into a two or three activity cycle of read, write, read, write etc to relax a bit between each bout.

But sometimes you still get stuck. When that happens, there are some solutions. One that works for me is to write something else, especially if it is something you have been meaning to write for a while but never could get around to. Perhaps that is your subconscious's way of saying,"Write me!" Another trick I use is to write something for someone else or another format entirely, like a script or poem or blog entry. That way I've proven to myself I can 'still write' even while getting to play hooky from the main project.

When that's not enough, I'll try carrot and stick. For a carrot I'll give myself little rewards for each chunk, like Candy or a TV show or some time to write. Then I'll give myself a bigger reward for something larger like a book or a movie or something even bigger. The stick is the reverse, like 'no dinner until we get 500 words done' or 'We are going to SIT here and write 2000 words and do nothing else until then.' Sometimes that works.

When all of that doesn't work, sometimes what it takes is just...time...that can suck. Of course, if it is not just your own creative project, then you just have to have a work ethic to get it done. That's what separates a professional from someone else. That doesn't mean it doesn't suck of course.

About the author:

Thwarted from conquering the world via Molecular Biology in undergraduate school, T.C. Ricks went into the world of Technical Writing. To keep from dying of horrible death by a thousand cuts, he began to write fiction. Five novels and close to sixty stories later, he has begun to sell his works on He also maintains a podcast, Tossing Grenades at Windmills.

He is currently married to his wonderful wife Julia and enjoying life in Charlotte, N.C.

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