Guest Post: The best books to read this summer by Jenny in Neverland @jennymarston_xo


Summer is by far my favorite season. I love feeling the warm sun on my skin and the soft grass beneath my bare feet. Add a book to the mix and you've got yourself the perfect summer day.

I'm delighted to welcome Jenny from Jenny in Neverland to talk about the best books to read this summer

Books to read this summer

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Summer is notoriously known as a time to relax in the garden, on the beach or by a pool with friends, family, a cocktail (or 6) and a good book. I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to get a lot more reading done in the summer when I can lounge around in my garden, without my laptop, television or meaningless chores to distract me.

So today, I've composed a little list of books which I think make perfect summer reading material.

Ivy lane Cathy Bramley

 Ivy Lane by Cathy Bramley

I loved this book and the seasonal element to it was one of my favourite parts. I loved following the main character through her journey throughout the seasons, seeing her grow and adapt to her surroundings for each one. Cathy is a fantastic writer and Ivy Lane is a perfect book for a lazy day in the sun.

Wellies and Westies (Primrose Terrace book 1) and Sunshine and Spaniels (Primrose Terrace book 2) by Cressida McLaughlin 

This book is coming out in 4 parts, much like Ivy Lane did at first. The first 2 parts are absolutely fantastic and being essentially a quarter of a book each, they take absolutely no time at all to get through. I read each of them in 1 sitting! An adorable start to what looks to be a fantastic series!

Primrose Terrace Cressida Mclaughlin

Game of Scones Samantha Tonge

Game of Scones by Samantha Tonge 

The epitome of 'summer read', Game of Scones has been one of my favourite books I've ever read (yes, ever!) and the gorgeous idyllic setting, the friendly Greek locals and sexy, flirty Niko make for the perfect beach (or garden) read. I challenge you to not want to jet off somewhere exotic the second you finish this book!

Georges grand  tour caroline vermale

George's Grand Tour by Caroline Vermalle 

You may have spotted a slight 'chick lit' trend with these books so I'm going to go for something slightly different now. George's Grand Tour is such a delightful little read full of highs and lows and a whole lot of adventure when 2 elderly men set off to drive the 'Tour de France' route. It's heart-warming and emotional and a fab book for if you want some adventure without leaving your sun lounger.

one hundred proposals by holly martin

One Hundred Proposals by Holly Martin 

I read this last year and still firmly hold it in the category of, 'best books ever'. It's so sweet, easy to read, light-hearted and oh-so funny which is what you want on a relaxing day in the sun, right? It'll make your heart soar!

I hope you'll gain some recommendations from this list! Thank you for reading and thank you to Amanda for having me today.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Jenny for taking the time to write this wonderful guest post. I can't wait to read all these great titles!

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