Review : Techbitch (The knock off) by @Lucy_Sykes and @jopiazza


       techbitch the knock off book review

Published: May 2015 
Publisher: Penguin UK
Format: Kindle 

Please note this is the same novel as "The knock off" . It was renamed before publishing.

I never get why I love these books. My idea of fashion is whatever I pull out of the wardrobe first but I still cant get enough of stories like these.

Imogen is Editor in chief of Glossy, a high end fashion magazine located in the heart of NYC.

Due to an illness Imogen had no choice but to take a break from work. She returns to the office after her recovery to find everything has changed. Most of her old team have gone and in their place is her old assistant eve. However eve is not the meek little assistant she remembered. Shes now a Harvard graduate intent on dragging glossy in to the digital age and its up to Imogen to adapt or die.

I think Eve really made this novel. She's a complete sociopath who makes her workers sleep at the office and go to spin classes with her. If they so much as look crooked at her she fires them. She really is a character you'd love it hate.

Despite all the upheaval at the office Imogen is determined to catch up. She is loyal to a fault. No matter what eve threw at her she just smiled and walked away. I mean she's the editor in chief. Isn't she like the final boss!??

There were times I wished she would go all Miranda Priestly on her ass.

Although saying that it's Imogens loyalty to Glossy and work ethic that secures her place when things goes tits up for Eve.

This was really an addictive read. I found it hard to put down.

Anyone whose ever had a bitchy psychopathic boss will love this!


★ ★ ★ ★  ☆

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