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When talented young artist Nathaniel Hancock receives a new drawing pen for Christmas, he promises his great-grandfather that he'll prepare him a Masterpiece for the following year. But Nathaniel is naive for the Pen is magical-and as he makes his finishing touches, the Masterpiece comes to life before his very eyes. After entering the drawing, he discovers that he's added new territory to the enchanted land that lies beyond: the Inkworld, a pen-and-ink realm where reality is limited only by the artist's imagination. After Nathaniel rescues the drawing of an elf from a deadly prison, he realizes the Inkworld is far more complex than he ever imagined. For dark forces lurk beneath the idyllic surface. In saving the elf, Nathaniel accidentally unleashes an ancient evil that threatens to destroy all that's good in the Inkworld... And it's up to him to set things right...

About the Author:

Christopher Dean spent the majority of his career operating a landscape business in Austin, TX. While in the field with 105 degree summers, stories of far-off lands kept his mind occupied and in his spare time he dedicated himself to the art of writing.

In 2010 he graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature and started writing his first novel for children, Trankarri. Five years later it is now published and doing well on the market with its follow up coming in 2016. He lives with his wife and three kids in Austin, TX.

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