Spotlight on: Emotional Healing After Being Cheated on by Hersh Alexander @avoid_drama


Emotional Healing is a follow up to You Cheated (Now Fix It). This volume captures the heartrending, emotionally-charged collapse that occurs when someone discovers their greatest trust has been discarded. The phase following such a calamity, and how you handle it, will determine your psychological health and ultimately your future.

The author speaks directly to the offended party, drawing from the mistakes of others to capture the do’s and don’ts of post cheating behaviors. At first, the hurt and anguish will seem unbearable, driving your self-esteem and confidence to all new lows. A sense of worthlessness will temp you back into the arms of the ‘cheater’, before you have a chance to heal and understand. Stop! Take the time, and follow the steps outlined in this guide to heal your heart, before you attempt to heal a rocky relationship.

Can, or should you forgive? A truly difficult decision, but one that should be made after your head’s on straight and you’ve worked through some issues. However, revenge is never the answer. It will merely lead to further bitterness and heartache. Learn to cleanse your mind, to laugh, and to trust again. Don’t accept unnecessary blame for circumstances that are out of your control, and when needed, seek counseling.

Patience will be your ally in this battle to regain your life, and if you decide to salvage your relationship, it will be a must to reassemble the shattered pieces in an attempt to make it whole. A caution about depression: watch for the signs and pursue avenues of help rather than trying to cope alone.

Accept, heal, and move on to a renewed life of love and support. Buy this book to take the first step on the road to recovery.

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About The Author 

Bertram Alexander, known among friends as “Hersh.” After growing weary of folks asking if he was related to “Alexander the Great,” Hersh now uses the moniker “Alexander the Creative” as his identity with new friends on this website.

Hersh offers, “I believe that most people would rather hear real answers as opposed to buttered-up niceties that only reveal half the truth. Humor can be a great way to handle stressful relationship moments. Researching views and feedback is one of the oldest ways of finding out what truly works.”

For the record, he admits to making plenty of mistakes in his personal life—and learning from each and every challenge along the way. Researching to decipher life’s “why’s” and “what if’s” prevents one from making the same mistakes again and again. And let’s face it: We’re all hoping that as we go through life’s journey, each step will move us forward in the quest for lasting love… because relationships are something you should never take for granted.

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