Review: Two Fridays in April by @roisinmeaney



Published: March 2015
Publisher : Hachette Ireland
Format: Paperback 

Thanks to Hachette Ireland for the review copy 

Roisin does it again! Another brilliant read full of wonderful characters!

Two Fridays In the same month. but what a difference a year can make.

It's the second of April and its Una's birthday but no one feels like celebrating. Why? Because its also a year to the day since Una's dad was knocked from his bike and killed.

Since then nothings been the same. A rift has been created in the family. Daphne is not Una's biological mother so she now feels like a liability.

Daphne adores Una but feels unsure around her. She wants her to feel safe and loved but she doesn't know how to do it. She cant turn to her own mother, who is distant and seemingly uncaring.

Mo feels totally alone in the world. Her husband was gone long before he died due to dementia and now then her only son was taken from her. She feels like she has no part left to play.

In the end it takes Una to realize that one of them needs to act in order to save what they have left. Throughout the course of the day they discover that all the ever needed was right in front of them. They just needed to open there eyes and see it.

The character development in Two Fridays is fantastic. You really fall for the characters and you as a reader go on the same journey as they do. You feel what they feel. It takes a really talented author to evoke such empathy.

As always I hate to turn the last page but I loved every minute of the journey.


★ ★ ★ ★  ☆

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