Review: These Secrets We Share by @MsEmmaHannigan



Published: April 2015
Publisher: Hachette
Format: Paperback

A review copy was provided by Hachette in return for an honest review

Emma Hannigan has a real talent for sucking you in and really making you feel for the people she rights about. They don't feel like fictional characters. They feel like real people.

An event has torn the Conway family apart. An event so jarring that it sent her son half way across the world never to be heard from again.

Max has his own life now. He is a successful doctor and has a loving wife and daughter. He doesn't need anyone else.

That is until an event shatters his daughters world and leaves her confused and lost about life and her future.

At the same time Max's mother Clara decides its time to reach out. She wants to put the past in the past. She wants to know her family again.

They decide it that it will do Nathalie some good do get away for a while and to get to know her grandmother.

Initially Nathalie is less than delighted about being shipped of but as she gets to know Clara she finds they have more in common than she first thought. Their shared love of fashion and fabric brings them together to design a quilt for Nathalie to take home.

Clara's history is revealed through a series of heartbreaking letters that Nathalie finds in Clara's sewing room. As each square of the quilt is added a piece of the past comes to life. Past and present come together and the two form an unbreakable bond.

When the two families are finally reunited they discover that family is more important than even in the past that can't be changed. The last chapter had me in pieces!

These Secrets We Share was a real heartwarming read. Full of warm characters that will remind you of the importance of home and family

Highly recommended



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