Harassment through twitter lists and how to stop it


When you think of the many ways that you can be harassed on the internet Twitter lists probably didint even appear on your list of possibilities. It didn't appear on mine either until it happened to me.

The thing is I wasn't even aware it was happening for a long time. This is because of a major flaw in the twitter listing system.  A twitter user does not have to ask your permission to add you to a list and unless you regularly check all notifications ( I get hundreds everyday) you may miss this fact that you have been added to certain lists.

Lists can be great. I use them myself to categorize people I follow into lists such as "PR and Publishing" and "bloggers". Its a great way of keeping your feed organised. 

However I have also seen people be added to lists such as "Idiots" or "Stupid people". Not a very nice thing to discover. 

I myself was added to a list called "plagiarizers" . This person had no real evidence of any plagiarism other than a few generic tweets that were posted when my account was hacked. Never the less I was now stuck with this label. When your blogger or writer being accused of plagiarism is possibly the worst thing that can happen .

Whats even worse is there is no official button to remove yourself from these lists and the owner of said list refused to take me off it.

I wasn't willing to put up with this so I looked for a round about way to fix this and I found it.

First of all : Check what lists you have been added to 

So I've decided I don't want to be on the "Hablando de Apple Watch" list. 

How to remove yourself from a list 

1) Click on the author of the list. In this case "Juan Luis Martel"

2)Click the cog wheel beside the follow button

3) Click Block and then confirm

4) Hover over the blocked button to unblock them again. 

* That step is important. Just blocking doesn't remove you from a list . You must unblock again*

If you look again on lists your a member off that list should no longer be there. However this person can re add you to that list so to prevent that you must block them again 

Hopefully this solves your problem. If you found this post helpful please 

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  1. Being labeled ad a plagiarist is serious. Its like an open call to attacks. I haven't really paid attention to what list I'm on. Now I'm curious. Thanks for this post Amanda.

  2. I have never paid any kind of attention as to what lists people have added me to, either, but now I'm going to. It's sad when even lists are used to be mean to other people :(
    Thanks for the know-how, Amanda!

  3. I didn't even know people did this. How can people add you to lists to be mean-spirited. It's not right at all.

  4. I was browsing thru my Twitter a few weeks ago and found that I'm part of several lists from other people. I haven't found any mean lists so far, but this is scary. I didn't even realize this was happening. It's such a good thing you found a work around! And thank you for this tip, filing this in case someone tries this on me.

  5. Still new to Twitter, so I haven't been added to any nasty list so far - but I'm bookmarking this page for future references! Great tip!


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