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One wish is wonderful story about not judging a book by its cover.

Becky's life is perfect. She has a perfect home, a perfect job and a perfectly beautiful daughter. The only ripple in her perfect facade is Lily's father, or rather her lack of one.

Lily was the result of a passionate one night stand with Denis, a cocky business man. Becky is perfectly happy to go solo but she never accounted for how many questions young children will ask.

The topic is extremely relevant in today's world. With so many one parent family's mothers and fathers are having to prepare for a whole new set of questions than they would have had say 50 years ago when divorce and childbirth outside of wedlock was unheard of or was never talked about.

When she decides to search for Denis she learns that his life hasn't turned out quite as she (or he!) expected. A child is the last thing he needs in his life. He has his own demons from his past life to deal with. A guilt that prevents him from moving on and out of the hole he's currently in.

An angel comes to Denis in the form of a cafe owner. I loved her character as she really represented the older Dublin generation. They look out for one another. They have generosity deep in they're bones. Her cakes and conversations became a lifeline to him in a dark and helpless time. A stark contrast from the unforgiving nature of the streets.

At first Becky is disgusted by Denis and he is equally offended by her reaction. But by posing as a reporter in an attempt to find out more about him she realizes that there is more to Denis than his outward appearance. He also discovers that he is worth more than he thinks and that just because his pockets are empty doesn't mean he has nothing to offer.

One wish is heartfelt read with colorful characters the reader can really relate to.

This was my first read by Maria Duffy but it certainly wont be my last. Her writing is so emotive. She is on par with other great Irish writers such as Roisin Meaney and Melissa Hill. 


★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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