Guest Post: @LauraSMcHugh Author of Weight of Blood


About the Ozarks:

The Ozark landscape is darkly beautiful, with stunning vistas of unpopulated wilderness featuring caves, cliffs, rivers, and ravines. 

For those willing to travel the long, winding roads to get there, it’s a popular spot for fishing, hiking, and canoeing. In the summertime, the Ozarks are blanketed with stifling humidity and the threat of tornadoes. The remoteness of the area lends an ominous feeling; it’s a place where someone could disappear and never be found, and for that reason it has been home to various groups who wish to remain hidden from the rest of the world—communes, religious 
orders and extremist militias.

Most of the families who inhabit the small mountain towns have lived there for generations, and they are not always welcoming to outsiders. Blood bonds and loyalties weigh heavily, with the laws of kin held in highest regard. The culture is also rich with folk wisdom and home remedies and a deep knowledge of the land. 

In the novel, I aimed to bring out the darker side of the Ozarks, the way these isolated, tight-knit communities make their own rules and keep the worst kind of secrets.

A Huge thank you to Laura McHugh for taking the time out to write this guest post!

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About the Author:

Laura McHugh grew up in small towns in Iowa and southern Missouri. She holds degrees in English, computer science, and library & information science, and spent ten years working as a software developer. She started writing her first novel after being laid off while pregnant with her second child. Her short fiction has appeared in Confrontation and Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley. As a full-time mom, most of her time is spent doing laundry and playing My Little Pony, but she also likes to garden, sew, and watch zombie movies. McHugh lives in Columbia, Missouri, with her husband, two daughters, and dog

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