Weekend Reads / Goodreads Challenge update. How's your challenge going?


Hello all. Below is my Friday/Weekend reads vid for this week! 
What are you guys reading for the weekend? Link me to your post/vid 

Also how are your Good reads challenges going now that were at the 6 month mark?? I'm a little behind which is mildly horrifying but I'm hoping ill still get to 100 before the end of the year! I have to keep in my that my New years resolution was to focus on quality over quantity though! 

Happy Reading ;)
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  1. Replies
    1. Yep! The end of the month will be the sixth month gone! It's crazy how fast this year is going!

  2. I'm about two books ahead of schedule.

  3. I'm one book ahead of schedule, but I plan on reading a lot more since it is summer. I wonder how long Bleak House is going to take me.lol

    Between Bookends

  4. I'm...31 books ahead of schedule, at 77 out of 100 books. I'm thinking of adding more books but I'd have to keep it challenging but not impossible to reach at my pace of reading. I've become so busy lately!


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