The Art of Reading: Books Inspired by Art


When I was in Secondary school (High school to people in the US) I read Tracy Chevalier's Girl with a Pearl Earring. I had always been a fan of Vermeer but this story sparked an interest in the amazing tales that could exist behind these works of art. I have put together a selection of books that have been inspired some of the words most famous artists and paintings

Goodreads Links:

The Ruby Ring
Leonardo's Swans
I, Mona Lisa
The Painted Kiss
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Portrait of an Unknown Woman
Signora Da Vinci

I hope you find something interesting among these titles. If you have any other suggestions leave them in the comments!

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  1. thank you for this post. I see a couple of books I must read from your list.

    I studied art history while completing a Fine Arts degree and one idea stuck in my head for a story which I carried around for ten years. Finally, I wrote my Mona Lisa trilogy and later, a paranormal romance about Sandro Botticelli. Both are themes where a figure in a master painting either emerges from the work or a viewer interacts with a painting and is drawn into the past.

    The figures in paintings have stories to tell.

    1. Thanks for visiting veronica. I went to Art college myself for 3 years and will always have a great appreciation for these artists and the people who bring stories to their subjects :)

  2. I would add Lust for Life by Irving Stone.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion James Ill check it out :)


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