My Twitter account was hacked. Don't let it happen to you!


Hello everyone. Well this week was a really bad week for me. They say bad things happen in three's well I truly have had my 3

1) My laptop updated and dumped my wireless drive. Haven't been able to fix it yet so I'm using an old comp.
2) My twitter account was hacked 
3) Got badly bitten by a cat  work


I don't recall clicking on any suspicious links but none the less my account was hacked. It was taken over by a stranger who proceeded to post crap to my followers. 

I sent in tickets to twitter support but had gotten no reply. I googled repeatedly and saw that some people had been waiting months and others never got their accounts back! I was horrified. Reading this you may think "so what its just a social media account". My twitter means a lot to me. It took me a long time to gain the followers I had. I've built many contacts with publishers and other book bloggers on twitter. 

Naturally when people saw this crap being posted people started un-following my account. I was terrified this would go on for months leading me to loose most of my followers. I saw that people only got their accounts back by making a fuss. My awesome Twitter friends got tweeting and retweeting to bug support enough to help me. It worked! A special thanks to:

Trish @ Between my lines and Danielle @ What Danielle did next who helped get the word out.
Karen @ Arcadia books who tweeted the ceo and tech people at twitter.

Don't let this happen to you. I have listed a few basic steps that can prevent you from being hacked:

1) Revoke access to all third part apps that you don't use regularly or don't recognize.
2)Obviously never post your password anywhere online
3) Never click on a link about a password change or account issue in an email. This is often how the hacker gains access. Go direct to twitter. The issue should pop up their if it's genuine.
3) when people follow you check them out. If their account appears spammy block them straight away.
4) Change your password on a MONTHLY basis. Make sure it isn't similar to your handle or easily guessed. Write it in a personal notebook if you have to

If you're reading this please carry out these 4 simple steps. I was lucky enough to get my account back but it may not be the same for others. 

I was too distracted by this all week to even think about reviewing books. Ill hopefully be back to normal next week.

Thanks again to everyone who re-tweeted my problem. I really appreciated it.

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  1. Glad you got your account back!

  2. This sounds like a nightmare! Thank you for the tips, now I'm off revoking my access to apps I don't use anymore! I'm glad you got your account back!

  3. Yikes! Glad you got your account back too - as you say, it takes time and effort to build up followers & contacts on Twitter, I wouldn't fancy starting again from scratch. Speaking of scratch, did you say you were attacked by a cat? :((

    1. bitten by a cat! Worst pain you could ever imagine. I'd rather be bitten by ten dogs than 1 cat!


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