The Sunday Post 6/4/14


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Last week I reviewed: 

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I Discussed:

To celebrate Mothers Day I discussed some of the most inspirational mothers in fiction

Received for review:

Other news: 

If you hadn't noticed...I have a new blog design. I'm loving it. It looks so much more professional than my crappy Photoshop attempts. I'd love to get some reader feedback! 

The clock have gone forward an hour which means longer evenings and mayhem at work! I am finding that I have very little time left in the day to sit down with a book :( . I always find it harder to sit inside reading when its nice outside.

Have a good week! 

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  1. I like your new blog design! It looks great!

    Irene @ Ice Queen's Bookshelf

  2. They're new to me I confess but they look interesting. Happy reading!

  3. love the new design! :) hopefullyy u find time to read

    em @ x

  4. I love your blog's name - so sassy! ;) I still haven't read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, but I'm hoping to read this summer. It seems really intriguing! Happy reading and I hope you're having a lovely Sunday!

  5. Your design is clean and easy to read and your new books look good. :) Happy reading!

  6. Great new design! My blog needs a design overhaul, but I haven't found the time or motivation to do it yet.

    You added some fabulous new books this week...hope you enjoy them all!

    My Sunday post:

  7. I think I need to dedicate a YA month challenge. Been a long time since I read good ones, Miss Peregrine's on my watchlist, the cover arts are very creepy

  8. Blog looks so pretty - simple and I can find everything important at first sight.
    I hope you'll enjoy all books form your haul this week.

    New GFC and Bloglovin' follower.

    Glass @ Ja čitam, a ti?

  9. Oh your blog looks pretty! I have Hollowed City, bought it on release day. LOL I think I just like to look at books, since I shall never get through them all.

  10. Our time changes always screw me up too, my internal clock must be too sensitive or something. The Last Policeman/ Countdown City both sound good.

    I like the new blog design- looks great!

  11. My first thought was: oh, a new blogger :) love the new design. And I so much prefer to read black on white on any blog. Did you had it done? I'm thinking of having a design done.
    Have a great week and Happy Reading.
    My Sunday Post is here

  12. Hollow City looks like a cool read! I didn't read the first one though, so I have to get busy. Love your new blog layout. Very easy on the eyes with a fun header--good job! Enjoy your week.

  13. I can't wait to go and read your review on Hollow City!! I am about to check it out.. I personally enjoyed that book. I love the look of your blog.. it's fabulous!

  14. Your blog design looks very cool, clean and fresh :)

  15. Your new design looks good, did you do it yourself ? Have a great week !

  16. Oh goodness I love the expression on your avatar graphic's face! I hope you enjoy Hollow City - definitely an interesting one.


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