The rose Garden by Marita Conlon McKenna


Format: Paperback
Published: June 2013
Publisher: Transworld

The rose Garden was provided by Gill Hess Ltd in return for an honest review

The rose Garden is a wonderful story about holding on the memories of the ones we love.

Molly is heartbroken after the loss of her husband and now she has to deal with task of keeping up appearances in the sprawling country manner that the two of them once called home. With a growing estate and dwindling finances Molly desperately needs to find a way of making some money if she wants to keep her home.

In the shadows of the old estate she finds an old, wild rose garden. She decides to return it it to its former glory and open it to the public in the hopes that it will become a source of income.

As new life blooms in the garden, so do new friendships. Like the vines within the gardens their lives become woven together to create strong ties of love and friendship. For Kim Mossbaun becomes a haven from the cold ending of her previous relationship. The garden is the source of hope within the the story. It helps heal all those who seem to be suffering from some type of loss.

Living in a small Irish town means I could really relate to this story and the "everyone knows everyone" type of situation. If a stranger does happen to stop by you can be guaranteed that they won't be a stranger by the end of the day. God that sounds so cheesy but its true!

The Rose Garden was a wonderfully uplifting read. All that we need to grow, is hope, love and friendship. A perfect read now that we are heading into spring.

★   ☆ 

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