The Black Snow by Paul Lynch


A review copy was provided through Netgalley by Quercus in return for an honest review 

Like Red Sky in Morning Loss seems to be a theme that runs throughout The Black Snow. 

A fire on the farm leaves 1 man and 43 cattle dead. Barnabas has no choice but to reach out to the people in his village in an effort to re build his life. As always, its only when trouble brews that we find out who our real allies are. Barnabas comes to realise that people are not what he once thought they were. To them he is no more than a local stranger.

The entire family struggle under the weight of byre as Barnabas struggles to rebuild his farm and life from nothing. 

The re-building of the byre seems to directly coincide with the destruction of his family life. As the wall are built, strong and firm, Eskra's walls are breaking down. Feeling totally isolated and alone she succumbs to a madness that splits the entire family apart. Their son Billy also suffers, from the weight of a secret he feels he cannot trouble his family with.

While trying to bring one part of his life together, his bull headed presumptions eventually lead to everything Barnabas knows being torn apart.

Some may find the writing long winded but I found it incredibly haunting. Like Red Sky in Morning I find it reminiscent of John B Keane and J M Synge. 


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