Mothers day: celebrating women in Fiction


To celebrate mothers today I wanted to highlight some of the most memorable and inspiring mothers I have come across during my years of reading. 

My first choice would have to go to the famous Mrs Browne. Written by Brendan O Carroll, this series documents the life of Agnes Browne. We see her as a young girl growing up on the streets of Dublin, learning the ways of the market stalls on Moore Street and eventually becoming a mother herself. She is one of the most endearing characters I have ever had the joy of reading about.

Next on the list is Emma Hannigan. Her writing would draw blood from a stone. Have tissues close by in case of feels!

What better way to celebrate mothers than to celebrate the women who bring new life into the world. Jennifer Worth s Call the Midwife series are truly unforgettable. This series was also made into a very successful TV programme by the BBC 


  Unless you have been living in a cave you've probably hear of this best seller by Emma Donaghue.

Room is told through the eyes of Jack. A young boy who lives with his ma. Jack and his mother have been held captive by Old nick in a tiny, dingy room for seven long years. 

It brilliantly shows how the bond between mother and child can overcome any adversity. A must on any reading list 

Still Alice is a novel that I often think about even though I read it about three years ago. It really had quite an effect on me 

Alice is a university lecturer, a wife and a mother. One day while going for her regular morning run she realises that she doesn't know where she is and doesn't know how to find her way home.

What follows is a heartbreaking story of how Alice deals with early onset Alzheimers. 

We all have opinions on how we would deal with this if it were to ourselves or a close family member. This book will throw those opinions into disarray .

So who would you pick as your favourite or most inspirational fictional or non fictional mother?

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  1. I haven't read Room yet, but I need to. What a brilliant idea for a blog post. Hope you've enjoyed Mother's Day! :) x


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