Discussion - The one where I burned out & neglected stuff


A lot of bloggers post about burn out. It usually happens a year or so into blogging. The initial shine tends to wear off and you may feel that what you're doing it starting to become a bit of a chore rather than a hobby or something you want to do.

I am suffering from burn out at the minute. However this particular burnout is not caused by blogging. In the past 3 days I've worked about 45 hours. I work as a vet nurse in a mixed animal practice. Spring is out busiest time of the year. Animals are giving birth all over the place. It's manic. Add a busy small animal rota to that and you're ass doesn't meet a chair for hours at a time. 

For example today I started at 9.15 and went straight through till 3 where I proceeded to ram food into my mouth for 15 minutes straight . then back to work until 7.20 pm when we could eventually went home. Back in at 10 pm to check drip lines and take vitals. Home. Sleep. Rinse and repeat.

I came home this evening and I was that tired that I couldn't even blink. Seriously. My eyes were so dry but even bringing my eyelids together would have taken energy that I didn't have. It took some other worldly effort to turn on the comp to write this post. 

Reading this back to myself you'd think I hated my job! The truth is I enjoy it and couldn't really imagine myself doing anything else.

The last 2 weeks or so I have felt like I haven't had any time to do anything outside of work. I come home and collapse on the couch and that's it. I feel like I have been totally neglecting this blog. I wrote one review this week and I really can't see myself writing another. It's depressing. I have 3 books to write reviews for, A pile of about 25 books in the corner to be read and about 15 books on my kindle. Thinking about it is almost making me want to cry!

I am hoping that this is all just got to do with everything being so hectic and that eventually I will be able to get back to having an actual life and having time to read and blog. In the mean time I don't really know what I'm going to do!

What do you do when your work life balance goes completely out of whack??


  1. I struggle with this all the freakin' time. I have no balance. Any time I try to incorporate balance it gets shot to hell. When I get burned out I shut down. Cant even tell you what goes on due to shut down. But I hit the car and its all a blur till I am back at the desk at work the next day.

    Honestly I would love an answer to this as well..

    1. I really don't think there is an answer lol. Well not one that means you can get to everything anyway!

  2. Hugs love! It happens to us all, don't stress too much. Just concentrate on the job for the time being, all those cute little animals, the blog, the books and the readers will all still be here when you get back! <3

    1. That's what I'm hoping. Realistically I don't think it really bothers readers too much if a blogs posting gets a little disrupted every now and then?

  3. Oh wow... at least you are making a difference in animals lives. I have two cats who are both diabetic and one has Acromegly (I can never spell that right it's a tumor on the pituitary gland) . If it weren't for my vet I don't know where I would be. I appreciate her and her staff all the time. They have truly saved the lives of my cats.


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