Book Post & a surprise!


I opened today's book post and was delighted that it was Roisin Meaney's new book "After the Wedding". Each time I read one of her books I feel like I've met a new set of friends and each time I finish I feel a slight sadness at having to leave their stories behind. What makes After the Wedding so special is that it's Rosins first sequel. This story will pick up where One Summer left off, just as she cancelled one wedding and organised another!

I was delighted enough to receive this book from the publisher but I got another surprise when I opened the cover

A printed quote from non other than myself! I knew nothing about this so it was such a shock ( a good one!). I've been parading around the house all morning pointing it out to everyone. The parrot wasn't really that impressed...

I am always a little taken aback when anyone thinks my opinions are worth printing on paper. I just want to say a huge thanks to Hachette Ireland and Roisin Meaney. This made my day.

I cant wait to get stuck into After the Wedding. 

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  1. well done on been featured, such exciting book post!!

    em @ xx

  2. that is awesome!! :) Congrats girl!

  3. That's fantastic! Well done :) Blog looks great by the way, I love the makeover.


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