The Loveliest Chocolate shop in Paris by Jenny Colgan


 The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris was provided by Source Books, through Netgalley in return for an honest review

Do not read this book if you are on any sort of diet programme.

The Loveliest chocolate Shop will make you crave chocolate like there is no tomorrow. 

Anna works in a large chocolate factory in England. This factory isn't concerned with fine foods or delicate palates. All the matters is that the chocolate that gets churned out has a uniform taste and can be got to the shops as quickly as possible. 

When Anna has an accident on the factory floor she ends up on her back in hospital. Here she meets her old French teacher Claire. As Claire is nearing the end of her life she urges Anna to star living hers. In doing so she convinces her to take a place at the most famous chocolate shop in Paris.

As we are taken on Anna's journey forward in life we are also transported back to Claire's past and her wonderful summer with the romantic Thierry. The summer romance is a little clichéd but lovely all the same. My heart really broke for her at the end of the summer when she had to return home. 

I loved Anna's Journey through real chocolate making. I loved the descriptions of mixing and conching. I could smell each smell and longed to taste everything they came up with. 

I was actually in Paris while reading this book and found myself heading for the nearest bakery every time I read it.  The imagery in the book is a little unrealistic but still nice to read. A lot of people still see Paris as a place of romance even though the reality is somewhat different!

Another thing that I found odd was the reaction to what Claire's and the childrens mother did. Anna was very blasé about it all when in fact what they really did was ruin her teenage years. All the time she was wondering why, they had the answer. I suppose they thought they were acting in her best interests but I really felt for her.

The first two thirds of the book are fairly slowly paced but I found the ending very abrupt. It was always going to be sad, sort of like taking a band aid off. Make it fast and quick :(

I would recommend the loveliest chocolate shop in Paris to anyone looking for a light, romantic read. Just make sure you have some good quality chocolate beside you!



  1. oo i know i would love this!!

    em @

  2. mmm I am probably going to stear clear of this.. I am very prone to reading about good food and then finding myself in the kitchen!!


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