The Edge Chronicles: Clash of the Sky Galleons by Paul Stuart & Chris Riddell


Clash of the Sky Galleons was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review 

Format:  Paperback

Published : Jan 2012

Publisher: Doubleday

Page count: 432

Rating :    ☆ 

Ah the nostalgia! I still remember picking up Beyond the Deepwoods in a book shop way back in 1998. That was 16 years ago! I remember being completely fascinated by all of the wonderful illustrations and the strange creatures that lurked on every page. I think It was this series that led to me reading on a regular basis rather than once or twice a year.

It's been a long time since I read the first two books in the Quint series but it actually didn't matter. Despite their being over 12 books in the series now you can actually read and enjoy each as a stand alone novel.
In Clash of the Sky Galleons Stuart and Riddell take us back aboard the Galerider with Quint and and his sky pirate father Wind Jackal. Quint longs to learn everything he can from his father but Wind Jackal's only concerned with revenge. Revenge against the man who killed the rest of his family.

Unlike the other books Clash of the Sky Galleons seems to be more one track minded. This decision may have be due to the fact that revenge, being such a strong emotion, leaves little room for anything else. I have read some other reviews and it seems that people were disappointed by this aspect of the book. I did find the hunt for Turbot Smeal a little predictable and I found it hard to really get invested in the chase. This was probably because he hasn't appeared in any previous novels.

Another thing I didn't fully understand was the sudden hate towards Sky Pirates from the side of the leagues. These pirates basically do your bidding hauling expensive goods from dangerous parts of The Edge yet they suddenly are baying for their blood? Maybe someone else can enlighten me?

I did enjoy this book but it did feel as though the quint trilogy came to a rather abrupt end. I could never see Quint being happy while residing in the knights academy. It always seemed like he longed for nothing more than to be a sky Pirate.

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