Orla's Code by Fiona Pearse


A review copy was provided by the author in return for an honest review.

Woo new genre!? Tech-Lit! With Orla's Code, Fiona Pearse has kicked chick-lit into modern times, and boy did it need a good kicking!

Sometimes I get a little tired of reading novels about girls who are really only interested in shopping and fashion.

I'm a techie who throws on the first thing I find in the wardrobe. My gadgets are my first love! This is why I found this so refreshing.

It's a short read about a young woman named Orla who has recently moved to London to become couper-dayes first female programmer.  Orla wants to get noticed and to do this she needs to take on a high profile project. It's risky but the pay off will be worth it. She'll have proved herself.

My one problem with this book was that I didn't have a clue what they were talking about for a lot of the book. The terminology went waaaay over my head! I should have read these first!:

If you happen to be into programming then you'll love this book. I found it really amusing that the office politics among the men were just as bad as any office full of women. Actually I think they're worse as most men will never admit they were wrong! 

This book has left me wanting more. Even though I found it hard to understand what was happening I enjoyed it as now I really want to find out more about information technology. It's always great to find a book that makes you want to expand your knowledge! 


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  1. Heh, it sounds like they went a little too far with the jargon. I don't mind geeky books like this one, but I'm not too fond on contemporary settings. Great review though. Very helpful, as I've been considering checking this one out.

  2. Yeah I think I might have gotten a little more out of it if I had understood some of the terms!

  3. Ooo this sounds fab! I love techie stuff too but that sucks when things are a bit too over my head and I need a glossary! Will keep an eye out for this! Great review!

  4. Fun! I love books that celebrate other aspects of women besides clothes and shoes.


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