Mr Monster (John Cleaver #2 ) by Dan Wells


I got really tired of trying to hide the spoiler in I am not a serial killer. I came across as a deranged idiot in that review so I am just going to assume that if you are reading this review then you have read I am not a serial killer.

Please do not read on if you have not read the first book. This review will spoil the secret of the first book....I warned you!

After the previous events that took place in his small town John is trying to regain something that resembles a normal life. For his mother this involves completely ignore the events that happened, despite the fact that she witnessed her son killing a demon. She constantly tries to get John to be "open" about his feelings ( or lack of them) but when it comes to the single most disturbing even that has happened in either of their lives, she                                                                                           shuts down.....riiiight....moving on..

I enjoyed reading Mr Monster a lot more. This was probably because we had to endure a lot less of the paranormal activity and we got to delve deeper into Johns inner struggles. He has noticed that he has become attracted girls. One girl in particular. Her name is Brooke, she is beautiful. He is torn between wanting to be with her...and wanting to kill her...and you thought your relationship was complicated??

Soon the killing begin again and Johns suspects that another demon is to blame. His attempts to stop this one are not as successful and lead to his kidnapping. This demon is different. It senses something in John, a separation. He urges him to let Mr Monster in, to be who he really is. 

I won't give away the ending but I will say that the book was pretty much a carbon copy of the first one. The pacing , again is quite slow but I enjoyed it more than the first. I just don't think these books needed the paranormal parts. It adds nothing and they would be much more interesting without it. You could probably skip I'm a serial Killer and move straight on to Mr monster. You won't be missing out on anything. I will probably read the last book but I'm not holding out much hope for it. 


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