Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


I don't usually read a lot of YA books. I find it hard to really connect with them and usually loose interest after the first few chapters. There was a lot of buzz around this book so caved and bought it on Amazon.

It tells the story of Jacob, a spoiled heir to a huge chain of pharmacies. His co-workers hate him and he has few friends. The typical YA premise really. 

As a young boy Jacob was fascinated by his Grandfathers tales of an Island where strange young children lived. All of these children had special talents. Some could be seen levitating in photos. Others were photographed lifting objects hundreds of time heavier than themselves.

 As Jacob grew older he began to dismiss these stories. They were mere fairy tales that were told to entertain a child.

When disaster strikes Jacobs grandfather reaches out to him in the form of clues that he has left behind. He urges him to find the bird in the loop. He convinces his father to go with him to this mysterious Island to uncover the secrets of his grandfathers past.

The start of the book really drew me in. I loved the vintage pictures although the quality on the kindle paperwhite left a lot to be desired. I would recommend the paper back version for better quality pics. However there was a real lack of suspense in the story for me. Considering the subject of the cairn and the loops I felt there should have been more danger involved with every passing. Also I think the children being peculiar could have been taken a little further. After 70 or so years living in one place and time you'd think at least one of them would be a little insane? I would have liked a more detailed description of them raiding the town. It would show that their isolation had led to the development of a darker side of their characters

Argh you see this is why I don't read much YA. I ask too many questions and it end up tainting the book for me. If you can take the events in this book at face value then you will enjoy it. It's quirky and a little bit different. I am going to start the 2nd book now and hope for a little more suspense! 


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  1. Well hey it's good that you want to read the second one despite issues you might have! That's a positive :) I've been hemming and hawwing about this one for a while! Maybe a library loan is in order rather than a purchase!

  2. I picked it up in Easons one day just to flick through and I love the pics. I'm not really drawn to the story though so I didn't pick it up. Never even realised it was part of a series. And at least you enjoyed it enough to want to read book 2, hopefully it goes a bit deeper for you.


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