Balancing Act by Joanna Trollope


A review copy was provided by Gill Hess and Transworld in return for an honest review:

Release Date: 27/02/2014

Balancing act is a  book that shows why you should never ever work with your family or close friends!

Susie Sullivan was abandoned as a baby and raised by her grandparents. Despite an unconventional up bringing she has grown to become a successful business woman

She is not only the name behind Susie Sullivan pottery. She is the life blood, the driving force behind the company that she started from the ground up. Susie Sullivan is now a household name. Her pottery is sitting in homes across the world. Life seems to be idyllic until her long lost father shows up

His arrival seems to trigger a shift in Susie's world. All of a sudden her daughters are not happy with playing second fiddle in a business they work hard for. Her husband is feeling estranged from her. They rarely spend time in the house together. He gets more attention from the parrot for gods sake!

While I understood Susie's love her company I found myself frustrated with her controlling behaviour. Her inability to let go blinds her to opportunities to grow the business even further. She is so focused on keeping the business the same at it's heart that she alienates those who should be closest to that heart, her family.

Although the book lacked suspense and was fairly slow paced It was certainly a comforting read. Perfect with a coffee on a rainy evening after a long days work.


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