Put the Kettle on: The Irish Love Affair With Tea by Juanita Browne


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A review copy was provided by Collins Press in return for an honest review

This book should come with a warning:

Have kettle boiled before opening! 

This book will make you want drink copious amounts of tea. Every time you pick it up you'll want a cup! 

I've often wondered why we have become the nation of tea drinkers that we are. Then I realised that, tea itself is the perfect "excuse".  I live in the land of saints and scholars and boy do we love the chat. We are after all, home to the most famous tea maker of them all:
"Tea Father?"
The tea provides the all important foundation and excuse for that chat. Example:

"Have you time for a cup of tea and a chat, a sure you do"
"Will ya come in and have a cup of tea? (and a chat, that goes without saying) 
"I've some news for ya, stick on the kettle"

I love how this book interview's people from all walks of life. From builders to teachers and psychologists. They all have their own favourite brand cup and method for making the best brew.

Now we come down to the most important part, the tea making itself *Dramatic Music*.
We seem to be one of the few countries who can get this right. English Tea is tasteless and weak. The same goes for the U.S and Australia. So below are some basic tea making rules.

When you enter someones home they may ask if you want tea but its not really a question. Having a cup is not optional. 
The teabag goes in first, none of this dipping in and out nonsense
Let each person add their own milk and sugar. Getting it wrong is akin to murder.
Full fat milk only! None of that watery low fat stuff!

This book will thoroughly prepare you for the art of brew making. It would make the perfect gift for any tea loving family member or friend.


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