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This was an audio book read by Michael Kelly. 

First I feel I should say that I've only read one novel by Stephen King novel before this. "IT". It took me two weeks to read and I felt like poking my own eyes out several times. Soooo much needless filler! I had avoided his books like the plague since. Then I stumbled upon an audio book of Joyland. I am ashamed to say I had never listened to an audio book either! Joy land is quite a short novel so I thought it would be a good audio book to start with.

All I can say There is nothing about this that I didn't love. Michael Kelly was the perfect narrator for this coming of age story. He really sucks you in to the story. 

 Devon Jones Takes up a summer job at Joyland. He is charged with upkeep of the rides, crowd control and most importantly, wearing the fur for his daily stints as Howie the happy hound. 

For Devon, this was his summer. We all have that one perfect summer that defines a point in our lives that we never forget. Behind him is the girl he loves, slipping ever further away. Ahead of him on Joyland avenue are the Hollywood girls, puppylicious dogs, Rube's, Carnies from Carnies and the mysterious murder at Horror House.

The mysteries of that summer are solved with the help of Aaron, Tom and a young boy named Mike who has the sight. 

Joyland has everything you want in a story. Endearing characters, mystery and nostalgia. I would highly recommend the audio version. 

My only qualm with audio books is the length of time it takes to get through them. Joyland is a short story and it took me days to listen to it all. It was definitely time well spent, though I can't imagine how long it would take me to listen to a 400 page novel!


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  1. King has written a story that is full of heart and compassion. This is a book that would be a great read even without the murder mystery and resident ghost. To have them as well makes it a superb story and a great choice for summer enjoyment, at the beach or by the poolside.
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