Hunting Shadows by Sheila Bugler


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A copy was provided by Brandon publishing in return for an honest review.

Hunting Shadows is a different breed of crime thriller. Life doesn't begin at the start of this novel. The reader is thrown into turmoil. Ellen has had a hard childhood, her husband is dead and she is only now returning to work after suffering from a breakdown. 

The story itself is not original (disturbed child kidnapper) but the appeal here lies in the authenticity of the characters. Ellen is gritty. A killer obsessed with her work, sometimes to a fault. Baxter, her boss is determined that he be the one to find Jodie and will lay the blame at any doorstep he sees fit. 

The Story is skilfully paced and drags the reader along for the ride. More than once I thought I had the story figured out, only to be drip fed  fragments of information that proved me wrong.  As the narrative accelerates to heart wrenching finish I was left hungry for more.

Fans of Karin Slaughter will love the gritty realism and imperfection that is sometimes lacking in her novels.

Detective Jack may step down now. 

This is a thrilling début. I predict a bright future for Sheila Bugler and Detective Ellen Kelly. 


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