Fractured by Dani Atkins


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You're heartstrings will be pulled like never before.

Fractured starts with new beginnings. Rachel and her friends will soon be leaving for university. They meet at a local restaurant for what may be, their last meal together. Wine is drank, memories are shared and tears are shed. For some this meal will be a final goodbye.

As the party are set to leave a terrible tragedy occurs which will change their lives forever. Rachel is scarred, both physically and mentally. She doesn't live, she merely exists. In an attempt to come to terms with the past she visits her home town, not knowing that this visit will change the entire course of her future.

Rachel awakes in hospital to a life that isn't her own. Her best friend is alive. She has apparently landed a dream job and is engaged to her very successful ex boyfriend. Here dani does an incredible job of portraying Rachel's confusion and apparent insanity. Family members talk about her as though she's not in the room. The more she insists that she's not crazy, the crazier seems.

Rachel spirals into her own shutter island like insanity. Why can she remember the names and places of where she worked if that life never existed? How can she recall minute details such as security codes and hidden house keys?

All sorts of theories are thrown around from paranormal activity to disturbances in the space time continuum, whatever that is. Rachel soon learns that this world is not as ideal as it seems. People who were untrustworthy before are untrustworthy now. It was easy as a reader to have empathy for those memories that she just can't shake. A past she can't just leave behind.

The unfortunate truth about Rachel's new life is heartbreakingly simpler than all her theories. It is so completely unexpected that you will stare blankly at the last page and you'll re read the last few pages over and over as you come to terms with what happening all along.

The real emotions in Fractured are left until the big finish but this was one of the best fictions of the year for me. I don't think I'll ever forget he ending. It felt like someone punched me in the stomach.


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