Alice in Tumblr-land by Tim Manley


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A copy was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.

"The ugly duckling still felt gross compared with everyone else. but then she got instagram and there's this one filter that makes her look awesome."

I had never heard of Tim Manley's Tumblr page before so when I saw this book I thought it was a brilliant idea. I was expecting witty and funny but unfortunately, that's not what I got. 

Manley takes the fairy tales we loved as children and re writes them for the social media generation. for example, the ugly duckling is now taking selfies with instagram and  Pinochio is emailing his college lecturer (using his nose) to lie about how he cannot submit his work on time. Its just so hipster-ish. I didn't really find it funny at all. I think a dry humour would have worked better.

This comic seems to be another case of the blog to book epidemic. I say epidemic because I'm not really convinced that it works. There is a reason why these topics makes successful blogs. They suit that format. If it's not broke don't fix it! 

If you can borrow this book from a library it might be worth a one time flick through but I wouldn't recommend it as a purchase for the bookshelf. 


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